"Your tyranny throughout time is coming to an end today! Take this, Crimson Kamehameha!"
- Zabieru to Mira during their final battle
Zabieru is a Saiyan OC made by xx_crimsonx_xx on Instagram. He is from the Son family, and he is a descendant of Goku, on Gohan's side of the family, rather than Goten's. He is from over 200 years in the future from the mainstream Dragon Ball timeframe and is 10 generations down in the Son Family. He is currently a very popular member of the Time Patrol.


Zabieru's appearance other than his size and clothing has never actually changed. He looks exactly like his ancestor, Gohan, which is a main reason he is always mistaken for him. When Zabieru was younger, he had two bangs hanging down in front of his face, but when he got older, he cut it off. Before Zabieru joined the Time Patrol, he was always seen wearing a red gi, in contrast to his brother's blue gi. However, when he joined the Time Patrol, he adopted Saiyan Battle Armor fashioned in the style of Vegeta's armor that he wore in during Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' film and anime arc and also during the Universe 6 arc during Dragon Ball Super.Appearance


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.46.58 AM

Super Saiyan Zabieru in his Saiyan Armor

Zabieru is a very conscientious person. He is a precise and calculated fighter unlike his brother Fon. He is also the smarter of the two. He is also for the most the time, very serious. It has even gotten to the point where he is called the "Frowney Face Zabieru" because he rarely ever smiles. He and Fon were taught to never underestimate their opponents, meaning he never gets overly confident. He has a very strong connection to his older brother, Fon, as they have been together side by side their entire lives. Fon is also the only one that can get a laugh out of Zabieru. Zabieru's one character flaw is that he usually overestimates his opponents, which can sometimes lead to him not attacking at an open opportunity.


Zabieru's Timeline does not branch off of the main continuity, his timeline is a branch off of the Dragon Ball GT continuity. It is designated as timeline 051096 in the official Time Patrol Archive.

Biography (Not Finished)


Untitled Artworkggg

Fon and Zabieru's parents, Son Togarashi and Shihon

Zabieru was born on May 10th, Age 1007 to Son Togarashi and Shihon in the mounts miles outside of West City. He is the younger brother of Son Fon (Born in Age 1005). When he and Fon were very young, their parents were murdered by the beast hog known as the "Demon of the Forest", which then orphaned them. From then on out, Fon and Zabieru were on their own for a large majority of their lives. To get food, they either had to hunt for or steal it. They wore the same clothes everyday, slept in different locations and had to overall, learn how to survive. Fon taught Zabieru the little he knew about reading and writing, cooking, and how to setup a campfire. However, through all the new things that they had to get used to, both had an innate feeling for fighting. Everyday, Fon and Zabieru always practiced their martial arts, however they weren't very disciplined, though they continued to practice. Eventually, Fon and Zabieru accessed a new transformation. They would later on figure out that this transformation was the False Super Saiyan form. Fon was the first to achieve it, after a sparring session and things got rough, and then Zabieru unlocked this form a few days later.

IMG 8165

Zabieru and Fon's Father sacrificing himself to allow his sons to escape.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 10.13.33 AM

Young Fon and Zabieru living in the mountains

Tag Team World Tournaments

After gaining new found strength, when Zabieru was 9, in Age 1016, he and Fon began to enter into Tag Team Tenkaichi Budokai, where they began to dominate their competition and win a ton of prize money. With their earnings, they paid off all debts to the people they stole from, restored their family home in the forest, and donated the rest to people in the stands of the tournaments themselves. This is where they became known as "The Monkey Brothers" respectively due to them having tails.

Moving on Up

As Zabieru and Fon gained notoriety, Junjun Satan, the sponsor of the Tag Team Tournaments, asked for Fon and Zabieru to participate in the Adult World Martial Arts Tournament, emphasizing that the winner of the tournament would receive the greatest prize possible. Intrigued with the possibility of a prize so unbelievably incredible, they couldn't refuse.

Untitled Artwork 3jj

Fon and Zabieru in their Burst states

So, in Age 1018, at ages 13 and 11, Fon and Zabieru entered into the Adult Tournament, after rigorous and intense training. They have perfected their transformation and have a name for it, "Burst". The tournament then began, and the boys decimated their opponents and dashed through the brackets with ease. Then, right before the final round, the Announcer and Satan announced that the prize would be that the winner gets to fight the notorious Kame Sennin, No.18. Excited with a chance to go against a strong opponent, the boys let that fuel their fire to win.

The Final Round

The final round, Son Fon vs Son Zabieru! The crowd erupted and the two went at it. The fight lasted a while, with Fon and Zabieru trying their best against one another, going blow for blow, displaying the results of their training in front of the No.18, who is the only audience member not shocked at the amount of power that's destroying the arena. No. 18 immediately recognized that they were from the Son Family and were also Saiyans, which is why they were so strong. Note, this is at a point in time that Citizens in Dragon Ball know how to manipulate and utilize their ki, so seeing people fly in a fight wasn't unusual, but just the amount of energy that was radiating that fight was astounding and had not been seen for hundreds of years.

Son Fon, The Superior Monkey Brother

As the fight then started to get down to it, Fon and Zabieru, who were both tired, beaten and bruised, went for one more attack where they both punched each other so hard that it appeared to knock both of them unconcious. However, after a count of 9, Fon got back up, breathing heavily, with determination to win. Fon is victorious, and Zabieru had lost. Fon then went over to Zabieru, who he calls "Zabba", and consulted with him as the crowd errupted in joy of the announcement. Zabieru gave his older brother the stamp of approval to go and win this tournament and show them what they trained long and hard for.

Enter Muten 18!

IMG 6925

Fon questioning why Muten 18 possesses such strength

After an hour recession, the prize fight was on it's way, and the fighters approached the stage. On one side, stood Fon, and on the other, the beautiful yet terrifying Kame Sennin, No. 18. Fon immediately saw that she was smiling, meaning that she had complete and utter confidence. Angered by the blatant disrespect, Fon went all out at the beginning. He transformed, and dashed straight at her and landed a heavy jab to her face. But, to everyone's (including Zabieru) awe, the punch had no effect on No.18, and she was still smirking. Fon then throws a flurry of punches and kicks, to which 18 either dodges or blocks, and then Fon backs off. Fon then asks what No.18 was, and she smoothly replied "Tougher punches than those hands can throw". As the fight went on, 18 begins to embarrass Fon, completely dominating him, she swings him by his tail, makes fun of him and even places her foot on his face. The battle is becoming a beating, and Zabieru can't bare to watch, he wants to join in and save his brother, but Fon demands that he stay back, insinuating that everything is going to be ok. Right as he says that, he looks at No.18 and begins to laugh, and compliments her that she is pretty strong. She immediately has a flash Son Goku, and then goes into a soft chuckle, replying that he isn't half bad himself. So Fon then tries to power up but No. 18 instantly appears in front of him and lands a brutal punch to his gut, rendering him unconscious.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 10.11.52 AM

Muten 18 embarassing Fon during the prize fight

A New Opportunity

As Fon layed there, Zabieru dashed to his fallen brother, to check and see if he was ok, completely in shock to see that his brother had been embarrassed like that. Angered, Zabieru fiercely powered up into his Burst, prepared to avenge his brother, demanding an answer as to why she had to embarrass him in such a way. No.18 smirks again, and replies that to get stronger, you must take a couple beatings, and let this battle be a lesson to him. She then further hints that she knows who Fon and Zabieru are as she comments on how their father raised them.

As the tournament came to a close, Fon regained concsciousness, battered and beaten, in the nurses office, with Zabieru by his side. Zabieru informs Fon that he lost, badly. Fon then goes into a thought, and speaks about what it was like to fight her, saying that she was way too strong for them. Astonished, Zabieru questioned him to saying that there could be someone stronger than they are, to which Fon had to accept the cold harsh truth that they weren't good enough yet.

A few days later, after recovering completely, Fon and Zabieru went back to training, focusing on how they could get stronger. While sparring, Zabieru gave light to the idea that him and Fon could become stronger by becoming students of the Kame Sennin. Fon at first rejected the idea, stating that they can do anything by themselves, as they always have done, but Zabieru disagrees, saying that this could be more than just fighting, but being able to learn about the new techniques, people, and what she meant when she spoke of their father at the tournament. Fon then agreed, and they began to make up a plan.

The Hunt for Kame Sennin!

First part of the plan correlated with finding out just exactly where she was. They understood that she was the Kame Sennin, but where did she live. Zabieru and Fon asked questions to all the people they could, with majority of them knowing of her, but all of them didn't know where she lived. They talked to Junjun Satan, the man responsible for getting her there, where he told them that she was very hard to find, and that she was the owner of the Red Ribbon Foundation (formerly known as the Red Ribbon Army).

After learning of this new development, the boys stationed themselves around the headquarters of the Red Ribbon Foundation for weeks, waiting for her to show up. One day, Fon grew tired of waiting, so he and Zabieru decided to break into the foundation and find some info for themselves. They get into the base via an air shaft and crawl their way through the base to the main computer, who was being operated by an employee, Dura. To scare him, the boys threatened to transform into a big monkey and step on him. So, Dura pulled up information regarding No.18. The information came up with an address, to a place called Kame House. The boys then escaped with this new found knowledge and flew off to find the Kame House.

Using an old map and compass they stole, they navigate themselves to every other place that they wanted to go except to Kame House. They couldn't find it, partially due to the fact the they didn't know how to read a map nor a compass. But eventually, they arrived to their destination, and there appeared to be no one home.

The Search is Over!

Fon and Zabieru break into the house, and begin to look through all the spaces and corners possible. Zabieru then stumbled upon a dresser that had pictures. Pictures of what appeared to be the Kame Sennin's friends and family. The boys then see that there are two distinct people, they look almost exactly like them. As they begin to question just who this lady is. No.18 walks into her house. She horrifyingly questions the boys as to why they are in her house, and Zabieru gets on his knees, and confesses to her that they wish for her to train them, to where she quickly says no and demands that they both leave, before she does something she may feel bad for in about 100 years. They beg and plead with her, to where she constantly demands that they leave. As they do leave, Fon asks her one question about the men in the pictures. She then looks away from him with a face of pain and says that they were her friends from a long time ago. She then urges them to please leave.

Later on that night, No. 18 had a conversation with Turtle, the old friend of Muten Roshi, who criticizes 18 for not having accepted the boys and compares her to how Roshi once was. No.18 didn't want to become close to anyone again only to see them whither away and die, to where Turtle then talks of what would Krillin had done had he been here with her. To where she remains silent.

The next couple of weeks, the boys persistently came back to Kame House to requesting for her teachings, to which she constantly denied their attempts. However, after one attempt, Fon proposed to her a deal, if he can hit her one time, then she must accept them as her students. She agrees, emphasizing that she will not be touched by such a weakling. So during their session, Fon throws everything he has at her, to no avail. He cannot touch her, and she requests that he give up. However, Zabieru flies in and tries to catch her off guard from behind, To which she still dodges it, and compliments them on their strategy of taking advantage of a handicaps. She then notices that there is a red scratch on her arm, which came from Fon as she noticed Zabieru dashing in. So, having lost the wager, she begrudgingly agrees to make them her students and that from this day forward, they were students of Muten 18.

The Revelation of Saiyan Pride

Before their training started, No.18 gave an explanation as to why the boys had tails and who exactly the people in the picture were. She let's the boys know that the form that they call "Burst" is actually an underdeveloped and inefficeient version a transformation called Super Saiyan. She also tells them that the two men that they look identical to are their ancestors, and are of a race called Saiyans. 18 then tells them that they have Saiyan blood within them, and that with the technology of the Red Ribbon Foundation, which she owns, that she can reverse engineer that recessive Saiyan DNA and make into their dominant DNA. This would then allow them to be able to access the Super Saiyan transformations, and enter a whole new world of strength.

Human... No More...

The boys immediately accepted, wanting have taken advantage of any way to become stronger, and so, 18 then set up the appointment with the Red Ribbon Foundation to utilize the DNA enhancer machine. The boys were taken to a large room, filled with all kinds of technology and were led to the Machine which would let them into a world of all new power. The boys looked at each other, gave a knuckle touch, and stepped in. Now, unbeknownst to the boys, the function of the machine sounded a lot simpler than it actually was; the machine causes an extraordinary amount of pain, as it has to reconstruct the basis of each and every one of the subjects cells. If the machine were to fail, the boys could be killed. The process lasts a painful 15 minutes, but the boys survived the procedure. They both as they came out of the pods to be greeted by Muten 18 on their newfound blood, the boys immediately fell unconscious.

Days later, Zabieru and Fon awoke in rejuvenation pods. Both exit the pods, to again be greeted by 18. The boys claim that they themselves feel no different, however 18 tells them that they in fact are, and that they have indeed grown much stronger, citing from the fact that they had indeed received their boost of power from Saiyans growing stronger after a near death experience. The boys then look at each in excitement and then notice, 18 had bought them a pet, a dog, named Ruva.

IMG 8166

Zabieru and Fon's training with Muten 18.

For the next few months, Zabieru and Fon grew stronger under Muten 18's training, and they also grew very fond of their pet. During this time, they met a a lot of people, including Tula, and many others. However, as time passed by, 18 had wondered why Fon and Zabieru hadn't transformed yet, stating that they should've been able to transform long ago. But this was not the case, due to the fact that they were now full Saiyans, it makes it harder for them to transform, seeing as how Goku and Vegeta, who full Saiyans didn't achieve it until they full grown adults. She then immediately began to think about how Saiyans work, and what could possibly trigger a transformation.

A Power Not Seen For Ages

A few more days pass by, and long after a harsh day of training, the boys decided to play with Ruva for the rest of the day. Then suddenly, a mysterious man landed onto the little island, and shocked Zabieru and Fon when he snatched Ruva from the boys. The boys then demanded that he put Ruva down, before they beat him into the ground, but then the man smirks, and laughs maniacally. He throws Ruva into the air and shoots a energy attack at it. Fon tries to intercept the attack and save Ruva but is kicked back to the ground by the mysterious man. Ruva is what appears to be destroyed in the explosion, shocking the boys and rendering them speechless.

Untitled Artwork 2h

Fon and Zabieru training under Muten 18 as Super Saiyan

The man then taunts them, making fun of their failure to save Ruva, which angers the boys. The boys, in a fit of rage, with tears in their eyes make the claim that the man will pay for what he has done, and in a flash of a bright light, the boys awaken it. The foretold Super Saiyan transformation. The man then is shocked at the large jump in power that the boys possess, and then goes onto taunt the boys. The boys then charge at the man, declaring that he has made a fatal mistake, and the boys begin to attack him, and right before they connect, Muten 18 shouts down from above. The boys look up, and there she is in the sky, with Ruva in her hands. She flies down to the ground, to congratulate the boys on achieving the Super Saiyan transformation. The boys, who hadn't noticed that they transformed, say that it doesn't matter, and that the mysterious man must be defeated for trying to kill Ruva. 18 laughs, and reveals that the mysterious man is No.17. She then reveals to them that she and 17 are brother and sister. 17 then jokes that he could not even kill Ruva, as he is an avid, animal lover, and was a Park Sheriff. They then all laugh it off, but Fon and Zabieru look at each other in excitement for what they call become. For the next few days, they train thoroughly with Muten 18 and No.17.

Getting Stronger Than Ever Before

For the next several years, in Age 1024, Zabieru and Fon grew immensely powerful under trading from Muten 18, to the point where she was having to actually try against the boys in their sparring sessions. The boys were able to access further forms in the Super Saiyan forms, accessing Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 transformations, however, Muten 18 was not finished yet.

She then introduces the idea of fighting warriors who could be just as strong as they are. The boys, who are always open to becoming stronger, listen to what their master has to say. She says that Grand Kai is hosting a tournament and that she wants Fon to enter. Zabieru asks why does she just want Fon to enter, and not him also, stating that him and Fon are equal in power. 18 rejects that claim and says that Fon is far more powerful than Zabieru, and that Zabieru does not have what it takes to win the tournament. She also states that Zabieru doesn't have the heart that Fon has, which means a lot in terms of a fight. Zabieru, who is obviously frustrated, asks if he can be dismissed, to where 18 allows him to and he flies off. Fon wants to go with him, to cheer him up, but 18 demands to let Zabieru be, and to allow him to be by himself.

As Zabieru is goes further and further away, he flies to the Gizard Wasteland, where he stands on the edge of a cliff. At first, he is still, and begins to go into a rage of emotion, where he refutes the idea that he doesn't have the "heart" that 18 speaks of. He powers up so much in his fit of rage that he destroys the area around him. Then he begins to cry in frustration, angered at the fact that he has always been under his brother's shadow, never feeling as good as him. That's when he when he hears a voice, a very familiar voice. It's No.17, who was collecting dinosaur bones nearby. 17 then goes on to give a speech to Zabieru that changes his way of thinking. 17 tells him that thinking that he is behind or in front of his brother isn't the way to go. No matter what level of strength either of them have, he must stand side by side with his brother, through everything. Zabieru takes this advice and rolls with it. Having calmed down, and come to a solid conclusion that he will support his brother no matter what, he goes back to Kame House.

A New Way of Thinking

Zabieru arrives back to Kame House, with his head clear, he walks into the house and makes an announcement to Fon. He states that if Fon is going to join the tournament, where more powerful warriors will be, he suggests that he will do everything he can to get Fon stronger. Muten 18 smirks, and comments on how Zabieru's demeanor has changed, and is happy that she wants Fon to become stronger. She then says that the tournament begins in 3 days, and that there is one last transformation that she must teach the boys before they go to the tournament.

Super Saiyan 4?!

Muten 18 suggests to the boys that there is a form even more powerful that they could achieve than Super Saiyan 3. That form is, the Super Saiyan 4 transformation. The boys then wonder how to achieve, and 18 instructs them to trigger the Great Ape transformation, then while in the Great Ape form, try to transform into a Super Saiyan. The boys have never heard of the Great Ape transformation, as they have never had any memory of even transforming into one, citing that seeing a full moon was basically impossible when they slept in caves and under trees when they were younger. 18 tells the boys of how their ancestor, Goku was able to achieve the transformation after his fight with Baby Vegeta, saying that Goku became immensely more powerful than ever before. Excited the boys ask how to transform into a Great Ape, to where 18 states that they need something to emit blutz waves onto them, which will then trigger the Great Ape transformation.

The boys don't know how to obtain the blutz waves, believing that they have to do something outlandish to get them. 18 then pops a capsule holding a Blutz Wave Generator to which she then uses directly on both Fon and Zabieru. When exposed to the blutz waves the boys then transformed into Great Apes, and began trying to destroy the local. 18 faults herself for not having gotten one at a time instead of at the same time. While Great Ape versions of the boys begin to wreck everything around them, Fon transforms into a Golden Great Ape, catching the attention of 18. She then tries to calm him down, but to no avail. She then tries to point his attention to Zabieru, who is also a Great Ape, wrecking havoc, stating that they together have to stop him. To which Fon, who has a strong connection to his brother comes to consciousness. And the Great Form begins to shrink, and in a burst of light and tremendous power, Super Saiyan 4 Fon is born.

IMG 6875

Super Saiyan 4 Fon is awoken!

Muten 18, welcomes Fon, and his newfound form asking him how it feels. He states that the feeling of his is incredible, and that he felt he could do anything. 18 then instructs that Fon go take care of his brother, Zabieru, who is now on his way toward shore of the closest City. Fon, assures his master that with his newfound strength, he'll be back in no time.

Great Ape Zabieru vs. Fon

IMG 7004 4

Golden Great Ape Zabieru tightening his grip on Fon in Super Saiyan 4 as Muten 18 watches

Fon chases after Great Ape Zabieru, who is on destructive rampage a few miles out from South City. As Fon arrives, he saves people on a yacht who Zabieru almost killed when he shot a mouth blast at it. As Zabieru travels toward the shore, Fon dashes right in front of Zabieru and punches him right in the nose, knocking him down. Fon then taunts Zabieru, making jokes that Zabieru "let himself go" and that he was never going to be as strong as him if he stayed like that. Those taunts caused Zabieru to transform into a Golden Great Ape, to which Fon still makes fun of his transformed bother. He continues to shout insults at Zabieru, and then into an all out brawl with him. Fon catches the building sized hands with ease and is hit to the ground. Zabieru then grabs Fon and begins to squeeze really hard on him. While being squeezed, Fon still makes insults at him, comparing the amount of squeeze to the amount love he has for him. 18 then flies and demands that Zabieru let go of his brother, to where Great Ape Zabieru, looks at her, then at Fon and says casually, "I hate you".

Zabieru, Super Saiyan 4

Zabieru's body then shrinks down, and just like Fon, he is in his own Super Saiyan 4 transformation. Fon then talks to Zabieru about how amazing it feels in this form to where Zabieru agrees. 18, then congratulates the boys on being able to access a powerful new form. She declares that their actual training can begin.

The next day, Muten 18 takes the boys to the Lookout, to where they meet the new guardian of Earth, Pianno and Mr. Popo. The boys are welcomed their with open arms, but are slightly terrified of Mr. Popo. Muten 18 asks if it is ok for the boys to train in the Room of Spirit and Time. Mr. Popo offers to lead the way to the room, and the boys follow. As they are brought to the room, Mr. Popo warns the boys of people's first time inside, citing that even Goku (during his first time) could not handle it but for a little while. Popo then opens the door, to where the boys are then shocked to find nothing, just absolutely nothing there. As they stand there, Popo tells them about the abilities of this room, and that one day on the outside is equivalent to one year in here. The boys then wonder what they will their master teach them in here. 18 then notifies the boys that she will not be accompanying them for this training exercise. And that the boys will train in here for one year, and will come out, stronger than everyone before. 18 and Mr. Popo then shut the door saying their send offs as the boys go on this year long journey.

The Room of Spirit and Time

Inside that room for the boys was like an utter nightmare. For the first few minutes, they sat there, just in awe of their surroundings... But then Zabieru came to his senses and demanded to Fon to they begin their training, and Fon agreed. The brothers then went on to train every moment they weren't sleeping or eating.

All New, All Different Monkey Brothers

One day passed, and Muten 18 awaited as the clock ran down to when the boys were to walk out of the room. The clock then rang and she raced to the entrance to the room. At first she was anxious, but then she calmed herself, and then the door opened. Walking out, were Fon and Zabieru, looking older and far more powerful with their clothes torn to shreds. 18 was in utter shock, amazed at how much the boys have progressed, stating that they have progressed far more than in their four years of training with her. She also stated that their base forms have increased dramatically. Fon then alludes that he and Zabieru have reached a level far beyond anything she has ever seen.

With the boys with power far larger than they have ever had, Fon was now ready for the Tournament. A day later, Zabieru, Fon, and No.18 all traveled to Otherworld, to register Fon for the tournament.

The Otherworld Tournament

As the gang arrived in Otherworld, they are taken to King Yemma's. King Yemma when he sees Fon, he accidentally mistakes him for Goku, citing that it had been a long while since he had last seen him. No. 18 then corrects him, letting him know that Fon and Zabieru are descendants of Goku. He apologizes for the misunderstanding and theorizes that the must be here for Grand Kai's Tournament, and has one of his attendants direct the gang toward a driver that would take them toward Snake Way, so that they could go King Kai's Planet and leave for Grand Kai's planet from there. The attendant gives several fun facts on the ride toward Snake Way, citing that many powerful warriors have traveled along this path including several humans, and a Namekian.

They arrive upon the start of Snake Way where Fon hops out very excited, and then challenges Zabieru to a race. The attendant, before giving his goodbyes, let the group know that the current record for Snake Way was 48 hours without the use of any abilities. The boys took this as a challenge and then set their positions. No.18 decided to be the announcer. No.18 looked at the boys, saying that they better not be late or they will answer to her. She then starts the race by shouting go, to which the boys then dash and instantly burst through Snake Way, running so fast that they began to destroy the path. In mere minutes the boys ran through nearly 1/4th of Snake Way. No.18 arrived on King Kai's Planet, saying her greetings, and King Kai sees that she is alone and noted that he believed that her star pupil would be in attendance with her. She chuckles, and assures him that they will be here in no time. about 15 minutes later, King Kai noticed that Snake Way began to shake tremendously. About, several seconds later he sees a large cloud running directly toward them, and from the tip of Snake Way, the boys emerged from the cloud and jumped towards King Kai's Planet. As they land upon King Kai's Planet, King Kai yells Goku's name in anger in the direction to Fon. As he does that, Snake Way crumbles apart and begins to fall apart.

No.18 yells at the boys for destroying the pathway, and demand that they apologize to King Kai for what they've done. King Kai then calms her down, and has a little bit of a chuckle, speaking on how this kind of action reminded him of a former student of his that had the same face whenever he had done something foolish like that. He then asks which one of the boys is Son Fon, and Fon then walks toward King Kai, and he then tells him to bend down so he can whisper something in his ear. As Fon bends down, King Kai shouts at him, saying that he is an idiot and that does he not know how long Snake Way has been there what it took to make the legendary pathway. Fon sincerely apologizes, to which King Kai accepts the apology.

King Kai, before they leave, he wants to teach Fon and Zabieru a new technique. King Kai shows them the Kaioken, a technique which amplifies the power of the user. He assures Fon that he will need this to win the tournament, citing that there are tons of powerful fighters in the tournament. King Kai then says that with the boys speed, that they will arrive on Grand Kai's planet in no time. The gang then flies off to Grand Kai's planet.

They arrive on Grand Kai's planet, King Kai then leads the way to Grand Kai's mansion. On the way, the vast amount of warriors training there all recognize Fon as Goku, and are in complete awe, saying that he is a legend. As the enter the grounds of the mansion, they go to the door and that is where they are greeted by the Grand Kai himself. He is the first person in Otherworld to recognize Fon as not being Goku, citing that No.18 has had such an impression on him and his brother, that they have a completely different feel to them. He then says that the tournament will begin in a few hours, so make themselves comfortable in his home. The boys are amazed at how such a high level being could be so relaxed and nonchalant. Fon and Zabieru decide that while they wait, they'll sparring matches outside in the yard until the time in the tournament.

Hours pass, and all the contestants enter the arena, and all the viewers are in attendance. As Fon stands amongst the crowd he hears all the chatter from other fighters, and they all are looking at him. They think and believe he's Goku, to which Zabieru also hears this in the crowd. Grand Kai then announces the start of the tournament, and asks if anyone the warriors standing in the arena want to back out. Without hesitation, a large amount of them walk off of the stage, hinting there reasoning is that they do not wish to fight Son Goku. This begins to frustrate Fon, but he calms down. Zabieru hears the audience, where they all are announcing that Son Goku will hands down win the tournament.

One audience member, who is sitting next to Zabieru, is in disbelief and claims that it is unfair that Son Goku is even allowed to participate in the tournament. He shouts that he should be disqualified from entering. He then begins a chant that engulfs the entire arena, all the audience members except No.18 and Zabieru seem to agree that it is not fair for him to participate in the tournament. This begins to anger Zabieru, almost bringing him to yell, to which No.18 calms him down, and says that he must trust in his brother. So, Grand Kai, after seeing all the warriors that remained, then handed over the reigns to the tournament announcer. The brackets were then constructed, and Fon was to be the first fight.

As soon as first fight started, and it was Fon's fight the moment it started. He dominated his opponent, Nemu. He immediately knocked him out as Nemu persistently taunted him as a "Cheap Goku Knockoff". Fon, walks off of the stage in a quick and quiet fashion back into the lobby area, to where everyone is afraid of him, and he just looks at everyone, and says that he is not Goku, and that he will make them remember that.

During Fon's second fight, a tournament attendant came to notify No.18 of something, and she leaves Zabieru to watch and support Fon alone. The attendant leads her to a hallway to where a hooded figure stands there and speaks with her. The person reveals them self to be Time Patroller Trunks. Trunks asks if Fon is the warrior that she had requested him to watch, to which she clarifies that he is the person that Trunks is looking for. There's another voice, that agrees with that statement, and that person is the Supreme Kai of Time. She attests to the idea that Fon is the warrior that can defeat Demigra. They all go back to their seats, to watch the rest of Fon's fights. In this fight, Fon has his opponent on the ropes, a warrior that can expand from the Western Galaxy. Fon then goes on to defeat him as well, to which begins to impress Trunks.

So, as Fon goes through the bracket, defeating opponent after opponent, The Supreme Kai of Time is convinced that Fon is the hero that they are searching for, and demands that Trunks recruit him to be his partner. Trunks is also beginning to become certain of this, but he needs to see more just to be definite in his decision. So it's the final round, and it's Fon versus the strongest warrior that represents the South Galaxy. The fight is intense, to which causes Fon to transform into his Super Saiyan 4. During the fight, Fon is on the edge of victory, and then a beam struggle occurs. Fon wins the beam struggle, knocking out his opponent. Impressed with his opponent, he shows form that he just came up, and that truly, the warrior stood no chance against him. He transforms into Super Saiyan 4 Kaioken, which astonishes everyone in the audience, including King Kai, who is amazed that he managed to have such a grasp on the Kaioken after only knowing it for several hours. This transformation makes Trunks's decision as clear as day, Fon was going to be recruited to the Time Patrol to be his partner.

As the winner, the crowd erupts in excitement, and begins to chant Fon's name, and the first person to congratulate Fon is Zabieru. Zabieru compliments him on how he was able to merge Super Saiyan 4 with Kaioken, calling it something only he would think of. Fon then says that, he can't wait to get back home and show him how to do it as well. No.18 then interrupts him, saying that he isn't going home. Fon and Zabieru are confused as what she means by this, and Trunks then appears and introduces himself. He then states that he is here to recruit Fon to the Time Patrol, and that Fon is the person that will help him stop a threat to all of time. Fon then looks at Zabieru, and asks Trunks if Zabieru can accompany him, to which No.18 then states that Zabieru still isn't strong enough, and will need to train more with her at home. Zabieru with his head held low, raises it with tears within his eyes and demands that Fon, go, and be the hero that he always was to him for all of time. Fon, shocked at Zabieru's revelation, begins to tear up as well, seeing as how they've been together their entire lives and this is something they aren't used to. He then agrees that he will join Trunks to save all of time.

The Supreme Kai of Time then hands Fon his Time Patrol Badge, and declares that they will leave in a few minutes. Fon asks that Zabieru accompany him outside, for one last spar, before he leaves. As they spar, Fon speaks to his younger brother, who means everything to him, and is his best friend if he is sure that he wants him to go. Zabieru certifies that he indeed needs to go, and that maybe some time apart will be good for them. Zabieru also suggests that he may learn some new techniques that he can comeback and teach Zabieru. Fon then is still unsure, but he says that he will do it for Zabieru. During there last moments together, Fon and Zabieru share a hand shake and hug each other, with Zabieru wishing Fon the best of luck, and to kick this evil time demons back into a hole. Fon is certain that he will beat this guy, then says his goodbyes to him and No.18 and then he leaves off with Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time, and makes a request if they have any food where they come from, because he was tired from the tournament.

Life without Fon

As Fon leaves with Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time, Zabieru is ready to go home, with No.18 and King Kai agreeing, and they then head back to King Kai's Planet where, Zabieru and No.18 then return to Earth. The next day, Zabieru had awoken to something he had never experienced in his entire life... Silence. This feeling was brand new to Zabieru; he had never been without Fon, it was like he was in a nightmare, or like he had died. He was by himself. Weeks pass, and one day during a sparring session with No.18, she noticed that he has become less and less energized to train over the past several days. He admits it, citing that without Fon, sparring is just boring to him. Zabieru wants to find something new to do, something adventurous. No. 18 then offers that he could take up a hobby. Zabieru then took his master up on that offer and tried to find something to do.

Zabieru, The Saiyan of Many Talents!

With it having been about a month since Fon had left, Zabieru decided to pick up several new hobbies, which he was suggested to do by No. 18 to have something to do while Fon was gone. One of Zabieru's hobbies was to draw, to which he was somewhat extraordinary. He was offered by Junjun to work in the Hercule City Newspaper as a comic artist in the daily paper. He made his own comic series, which was very successful for several weeks. However, Zabieru then became bored, and decided to pick up another hobby while doing the comic series. He was at one point a mechanic for Capsule Corp. working under Tula, an architect, a construction worker, a musician, and so many other jobs. One day Junjun had offered Zabieru to be the star of the upcoming movie "Great Saiyaman X", to which Zabieru thought would be a new experience and accepted the offer.

Here Comes Great Saiyaman X!

Upon being cast, Zabieru was then thrown into the costume of Great Saiyaman X, where he immediately hated the way that it was so tight in areas he didn't like. When he arrived home to Kame House, he wanted to show No.18 the costume for the movie, where she began laughing, citing that it reminded her of Gohan during his time in high school. weeks into the production, inspired by his ancestor, Zabieru would begin to stop crimes in the Great Saiyaman X suit, and eventually, never showed up to production to finish the movie. He kept the suit however, and for the next 6 months, he was a super hero and world wide phenomenon.

Fon Returns! With a New Offer!

it has been a year since Fon had went off with Trunks to the time patrol, and Zabieru is stopping a crime in progress as Great Saiyaman X, to which he then hands the criminals over to the proper authorities. Zabieru notices that he hadn't been home in several days, so he decides to go pay a visit to No.18 at Kame House. As Zabieru arrives, he notices that no one is home. Zabieru guesses that No.18 must have went to one of her meetings at the foundation. Zabieru then goes to talk to Turtle, who greets Zabieru and says No.18 would be back shortly. Zabieru then decides that he will go take a nap on the side of the house.

Zabieru is then awoken by No.18, to which he opens his eyes to see a face he hadn't seen in a long time. It was Fon, to which Zabieru was a bit in disbelief. Fon then tells Zabieru to get up, but Zabieru is in shock at how different Fon is. He was so much more powerful than Zabieru, to which Zabieru questioned how he became so strong. Zabieru then notices that Fon was not by himself, but he was accompanied by the Supreme Kai of TIme and Trunks. Zabieru then questions what was happening to which Fon then responds with the offer of Zabieru becoming a time patroller. Zabieru is at first very reluctant to accept the offer, thinking that he would forget all about everyone here, as he thought Fon. Fon then denies this claim, citing that he had to do a lot of stuff to get Zabieru this offer, and that he would never forget about his only brother. The Supreme Kai of Time assures Zabieru that he would be able to freely travel back here any time that he desired, so that he would never forget people here. Zabieru is still unsure, to which Fon seals the deal when he alludes to the time patrol being the reason he became so strong.

Zabieru, intrigued by that then changes his mind but is still uncomfortable with the offer. Fon then hands Zabier a Time Patroller badge, giving the idea that they can become so much more powerful if he were to accompany him to the time patrol. Zabieru then accepts the offer from his brother and is officially instated as a full fledged time patroller.

Son Zabieru : Time Patroller

With having accepted the offer to become a time patroller, Zabieru and co. are immediately transported from Kame House to the new Time Patrol headquarters, Conton City. Zabieru is in awe of the size and amount of people there. No.18 then asks what happened to Toki Toki CIty, to which the Supreme Kai of Time then credits that to Demigra, a demon god who had threatened Toki Toki and all of time itself. She says that without Fon saving the day and defeating Demigra, they would all have been destroyed. Fon then agrees, and says that saving everybody is what allowed him one wish and that was to allow Zabieru to be a part of the time patrol.

Zabieru in awe, then begins to put the dots together and believes that if Fon became this strong in one year, then surely could he. After walking around Conton for a bit, Zabieru had become quite annoyed, He would be stopped every few minutes, with people stopping for conversation because they thought he was other time patrollers that looked like him. Fon then suggests that he should get a new look. Fon takes Zabieru to the clothing Vendor and allows Zabieru to choose out some new clothes.

There at the vendor, Zabieru looked at several different outfits, most of them being similar to his current wear. Over the past year, Zabieru actually had grown quite tired of the gi he was wearing, and really wanted something more form fitting. So, the vendor suggested the newly imported Saiyan Armor (which was a newer, updated version of the armor Bulma had made for Vegeta during the resurrection F arc and Universe 6 arcs). Zabieru tried it on, and noted that "He could get used to this". However, he did not like the boots or the gloves that came with the outfit, so he requested something that didn't cover his fists entirely. The vendor then gave him the new and stylish Bardock Sleeves and Sheethed Saiyan Boots, and there, Zabieru had his new outfit.

After having chosen his new clothes, Fon then wanted to introduce his brother to a couple of his friends that he had made while he lived here for a year. Fon and Zabieru then went to the Business District of Conton, where they would go to the mall. There, Zabieru would meet a good plethora Fon's of friends. There at the mall, Zabieru would meet 3 saiyans: Randa, Vell and Sorrel. Randa, 19, a female saiyan, who was Fon's Supervisor when he was a trainee, and hailed from a timeline where she was the granddaughter of Vegeta. She is also noted to be the 6th highest ranking time patroller among current time patrollers. She is held in an extremely high regard. Then Vell, a male saiyan, who, acutally was a Kai several months ago. He is millions of years old, and was the loyal assistant of the Supreme Kai of Time. When Demigra had attacked Toki Toki City, feeling helpless in his weak Kai body, he made a wish using the dragon balls to grant him a Saiyan body, in an attempt to aid Fon the best he could during that time. Fon makes a joke about how Randa and Vell are kind of in a romantic relationship to which Randa then dismisses this notion, blushing and saying they're just friends, to which Vell is immensely confused. Last but not least, Sorrel, 21, another female saiyan. She is noted to be another high ranking time patroller, listing in at the 8th spot in the rankings. She is also the manager of both the Conton Library and the Conton Movie Store. Zabieru greets all of them very respectfully, to which, surprises the three, having noted that him and Fon are like exact opposites of one another. Sorrel then makes a remark about how Zabieru is now her "cute little brother" to which leads to Zabieru's slight confusion. Fon then informs Zabieru that he and Sorrel are dating, which shocks Zabieru.

Time to go back to school! Zabieru in the Time Patroller Academy!

After being a few days into being a time patroller, Zabieru is given an abundance of Time Patroller gear, which includes a series of badges, books, electronic scouter, and mobile device. He is also given a designated Time Scroll. He, being very eager, wants to try and go out on a patrol in the near future. Fon then informs him that he can't do that until completes a few pre-requisites, which he said will take him at least a few weeks. Zabieru then asks what his pre-requisites are. Fon cites that since Zabieru is a rookie patroller, his current rank is very low, and he is classified as a trainee, and to go on Patrols or any other mission, his class rank must be at least Patroller Rank.

Time Patrollers abide by two ranking systems, a Patroller Rank, and a Class Rank. A Patroller Rank is a time patrollers numeric ranking in comparison to their fellow patrollers, to which your rank can only be improved by increasing your total contribution to the Time Patrol. You can increase your contribution to the time patrol by completing patrols, parallel quests and missions alike. You can also improve it by working somewhere in Conton, like the cafe or mall areas. A Classification Rank is a patroller's status as a time patroller. Rankings going from Lowest to Highest are: Trainee, Patroller, C Class Patroller, B Class Patroller, A Class Patroller, S Class Patroller, and lastly, the highest and most notorious ranking, Z Class Patroller. Improving this Rank is far harder than improving one's Patroller Rank. to improve this rank, the patroller has to take exams from Elder Kai which become harder and harder with each succeeding level. Fon remarks that becoming a Z Rank Patroller is nearly impossible, as there is no exam for that rank. To become a Z Rank Patroller, one must stop a Temporal Cataclysmic Event. Zabieru, immensely intrigued, asks Fon what his ranks are, to which Fon chuckles and reveals that he is not only the No.1 Ranked Time Patroller, but he is also a Z Rank Patroller. He notes that he and Slayer, a very powerful Namekian and the first Time Patroller ever are the only two to hold a Z Ranking.

Zabieru becomes immediately discouraged. He felt that he again could never be on the level of his brother, and felt inferior. Fon cheers him with words of encouragement, citing that he shouldn't try to compare himself to others, as it only would hold him back in the long run. Zabieru then asks what he needs to do to take the first Patroller Exam, to which Fon tells him that he needs to enroll in the Patroller Academy. The Patroller Academy is a 6 week mandatory program where Patrollers learn the ins and outs of being a time patroller. Zabieru then thanks Fon and rushes to be enrolled.

After several days, class began, and Zabieru was already annoyed. The excitement he had for this program quickly diminished when the academy was not really a training program of any sort. It is a program that generally describes what you should and should not do as a patroller and gives a general description of the main timelines and how the multiverse worked. Vell, who technically had just became an actual Patroller also had to partake in the class, and was far more excited than Zabieru. During these incredibly dull sessions, Zabieru began to befriend Vell, as he always remarked on how entirely naive and annoying that he was. One day during class, Zabieru, was so bored that he requested Vell hand him his headband. Vell asked what Zabieru wanted to do with it to which he cited "He wanted to draw something cool, just for him" on it, to where Vell was happy to oblige to. Zabieru then handed Vell his Headband back to which Vell saw that Zabieru hadn't drawn anything at all, but instead etched the word "BUM" into his headband with a marker. This didn't garner the reaction Zabieru had predicted, thinking that Vell would be upset. Vell, instead embraced the headband and confidently certified that he'd be the greatest bum there is, as he did not know what Bum meant, thinking it to mean something noteworthy and badass.

During this program, Zabieru and his classmates were assigned a supervisors, who were already established Patrollers being B Rank or Higher. Supervisors were implemented after the Time Patrol's previous outlook on training recruits was flawed. Supervisors are meant to help trainee's train and study for the Patroller exam. Zabieru's Patroller Supervisor was a very familiar face, Sorrel, his brother's girlfriend. Zabieru believed that it would be very trivial to complete said tasks that Sorrel asked him to do, to which Sorrel remarked that Zabieru was "in for a hell of a ride" if he believed she was going to take it easy on him. Over the span of the next few weeks, Sorrel had purposefully given Zabieru the most difficult tasks to do out of his group, to test his abilities. However, to her pleasant surprise, Zabieru was able to complete any task placed she placed in front of him, which shocked Sorrel. She knew from Fon's own words that he was good, but she was still impressed that he was far better than any recruit she had seen, even better than Fon when he started. During this period, Sorrel and Zabieru became very competitive with one another, and grew into very good friends by the end of the program.

Now, having made it through the program, Zabieru now only had to take the first of many Patroller Exams. The Patroller Exams had two parts, the written and the physical part of the exam. In attendance to these exams were the high ranking officials of the time patrol, including Time Patrol Trunks, Elder Kai, Fon, and the Supreme Kai of Time. Zabieru finished the written exam, noted as being a extremely difficult test and at least taking the smartest of patrollers at least an hour, in minutes. He then excelled in the physical part of the exam, completing it with relative ease, shocking that of Trunks, Elder and Chronoa, but not Fon. Trunks remarks why they hadn't recruited him along with Fon, to which he was left unanswered. Zabieru passed both the Written and Physical Exams with back to back perfect scores. Zabieru was now, a full fledged Time Patroller.

The First Of Many, Slightly Less Cool Missions

Creation and Concept

Untitled Artwork 6

Zabieru Concept Art

Untitled Artwork 7

Zabieru in Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 4

  • X'avier has stated on multiple occasions "Creating a name that was based off of a vegetable was boring and seemed like it would run out by then, so he just looked up how someone would pronounce or say his name in Japanese, haha".
  • X'avier first came up with the idea of Zabieru in when he was in middle school, inspired by Toyotaro's (who went by toyble at that time) Dragon Ball AF fan manga. However, he hadn't decided upon his current name until around 2014. X'avier usually called the character just "Xavier"or "X".
  • Fon and Zabieru were originally designed to hate Goku and Gohan. The comparison aspect was kept, which is what Fon and Zabieru hated instead of the characters themselves. The idea spawned from X'avier's actual dislike for the direction that Gohan has taken in the series, citing that he does not enjoy how Gohan has become the shows "Punching Bag".
  • X'avier has always wanted Zabieru to be weaker than his brother Fon, and never wants Zabieru to surpass him. This spawned from the way X'avier and his actual brother Jovon were seen as they grew up, where Jovon was always seen as the one that could do more than X'avier, and was seen as the superior brother. A harsh realization, but something that keeps the characer motivated to be better.

Techniques (To Be Finished)

Physical and Natural Abilities

Superhuman Strength:

Superhuman Speed:

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Senses

Saiyan Power

Techniques During His Lifespan

Speed and Movement Techniques


Physical Based Techniques

Monkey Brothers Combo

Monkey Brothers Uppercut

Monkey Brothers

Soaring Dragon Strike

Super Soaring Dragon Strike

Soaring Dragon Flight

Dragon Fist

Super Dragon Fist

Crimson Dragon Fist

Bros Dragon Fist

Burst Rush


Sadistic Dance

Brutal Takedown

Turtle School Barrage

Evil Whirlwind

Meteor Crash


Jackhammer Rush

Energy Based Attacks


- Kamehameha x10

- Super Kamehameha

- Ultimate Kamehameha

- Crimson Kamehameha

- Bros Kamehameha

- New Turtle School Kamehameha


- Super Masenko

- Double Masenko

- Hyper Masenko

Special Beam Cannon

Solar Flare

Destrcuto Disc

- Chain Destructo Disc Barrage

- Super Destructo Disc

- Super Destructo Spirit Ball

- Destructo Rotation

Ki Blast Volley

Explosive Wave

- Super Explosive Wave

Blast Meteor

Power Blitz

Explosive Cannon

Ki Blast Cannon

Multi-Form Technique

Wolf Fang Fist

Other Abilities


Ki Sensing

Power Up

Instantaneous Movement

Transformations and Power Ups (To Be Finished)


Psuedo Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan

- Full Power Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan 2

- Full Power Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 3

Old Kai Unlock Ability

Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan 4

- Full Power Super Saiyan 4

- Super Saiyan 4 Kaioken

Crimson Super Saiyan 4

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